Team Excellence: Our BIG Challenge

At OPT Leadership we are well known for our team building and leadership development work with global organisations.

We also role model such challenges and try to build  team excellence for  new teams on board our yacht Excellence of Dart. What’s more, the teams have to perform really well from the word ‘go’ and sometimes for a whole day, week or even for several intensive weeks.

Our bigger  challenges have been to sail across Seas and  Oceans.

We often have a core team plus some ‘leggers’ who joined us for one or more of  of the legs.

In 2017 we have legs in The English Channel, France, Spain, Portugal and off shore to Madeira, the latter being a  5 day passage. The team have to work well together and everyone, not just the skipper, has to demonstrate appropriate leadership to ensure a safe and successful journey in a challenging  environment.

A book of our first Atlantic  adventure, ‘Team Excellence: Fulfilling the dream’ is available from Amazon or by contacting us. We aim to live our own leadership lessons  and believe they are as true for us as they are for leaders in so many walks of life.

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