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About OPT Leadership

The Leadership Development Consultancy was founded as a response to the request for practical leadership support that would help bring about change, create higher individual and organisational performance and deliver significantly enhanced results.

Successful Leaders provide Inspiration and ensure Implementation

‘Have an unerring belief that you can and will prevail…and at the same time rigourously confront the brutal facts of the reality.’

The Stockdale Paradox

How can we help you live that paradox?

Our vision is to help develop extraordinary leaders who can instil that belief and focus on the changes required to get the best out of people and to steer their organisation to ever improving results and greater success.

Results-based change leadership, whilst being of immense importance, is seldom easy, yet increasingly changes must be led at speed and with insight, intelligence and emotional competence.

We take a humanistic and a results focussed approach to help you improve… and we leave you with the capability and increased confidence to build further on these successes into the future.

What is the next step?

We practise what we preach and endeavour to provide role model change leadership when working with you. The best way we can bring this to life is to meet with you, without obligation, and demonstrate the way we work and the effect it can have.