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 Welcome to One Point Three Leadership Development

One Point Three is the average weight in kilogrammes of the human brain. It symbolises what we are passionate about…

Sharing our expertise to help you get the most from your one point three… We are in our element when we help you…

• apply your abilities and passion
• inspire and motivate your people
• make things happen
• attain your goals and ambitions

• achieve more than you thought possible

Getting the best from your leaders … and thence from your people

Leaders need practical help at times to establish higher individual and organisational performance and deliver significantly enhanced results. We concentrate our efforts in the following areas:

• helping leaders and managers do and be their best
• developing your organisation and culture
• improving your business and results
• getting teams to outperform
• executive coaching

Like our clients, we measure success by the value added to the bottom line of our clients’ organisation.